21st September 2018

What I’ve been up to!

So this is my first post in a long while, & I’m sitting thinking what do I write what do I write. So I’ve settled on updating you all on where I’m at. right now & what I’m up to in the near future/the start of next year.


Business is great, got some new people joining one which is joining today I need to message her actually. Okay done that now. One thing off my to-do list. So that is wonderful. I am really happy with how things are going need to message some new people but I’ll get there. Lisa (one of my best friends) is going to be video calling me soon. I love Video calling it is the greatest thing around it keeps you in touch with people & you can see them too so their family gets used to them like Lisa & Tesni (both my best friends) like their families are used to me Lisa’s sons show me their drawings & can’t wait for me to come for a sleepover – I’ll talk more about that later. & Tesni’s mum I call mum like she has adopted me. I really need to go down there & meet her. I met them both online through businesses & they just stuck, we are so similar in so many ways it’s crazy! We just have that “IT” factor with each other that we get along & they get along with each other in fact we have planned a trip together. It’s amazing when your friends get on with each other it makes life so much easier. Like we do group video chats & stuff which is awesome.

Tesni is coming up in October for 3 days well she leaves on the 3rd day. But still two days together it’s gonna be kick ass. We are going to a cabaret on the first night then a cocktail afternoon tea on the second day now I need to explain this a little bit so they give you a see through tea pot & make a cocktail of your choice in front of you then pour it into the tea pot & give you cakes & stuff & its like afternoon tea but with a cocktail instead of tea, yeah that’s basically it. I’m so freaking excited. We are celebrating Tesni’s birthday so I have bought abusive balloons & those hats & glasses on a stick like you get in photo booths for us to take funny photos with. I have bought her loads of presents, some may say I’ve gone over board with it but I’ve never had a best mate to do this with so I am like a school girl but with money so I am buying a shit tonne. We are also having a girlie night on the 18th of October where I am doing both our make up – Halloween make up to be specific. I am going to be a broken doll & I don’t know what Tesni is going to be yet. waiting to here it’s so exciting. I cant wait to do our make up it’s going to be EPIC!!! I’m literally so excited for this & the next thing I am going to tell you about. We are also staying in a hotel can’t wait.

In January I am going to Lisa’s in Bexhill (where I’m moving) & Tesni is coming as well. We are celebrating what we call friendmas & also Lisa’s birthday since I can’t make it down for it. I’m also taking down the photo booth stuff & get abusive balloons for her for her birthday & friendmas. I can’t write gifts in this cause they will read this so I’ll tel you about the gifts when they get them. Tesni is obvz first. Lisa knows what she is getting but I can’t write it cause I know Tesni will read this. So you’re shit outta luck guys lol haha. But I will tell you when I get them to them. Yeah so January we are staying in a hotel for one night that’ll be a wild one. I honestly cannot wait. It’s gonna be beyond epic!! My two best women in the same place with me at once I honestly can’t wait. I’m so excited. I’m staying an extra day to spend some alone time just me & Lisa cause we never get to do it. & I want to make her feel special like I will Tesni when she comes up here. I want to do Lisa’s make up & make her feel beautiful like I will Tesni I’m hoping we can do it when we go to the hotel. I’m gonna look on groupon for some deals to see if we can get some cocktails or something. I’m literally beaming with excitement over this. Maybe even do a beauty treatment. I literally cannot wait to see whats on offer.

So that’s all I have going on just now. It seems like a lot I know but it’s far between each other but I’m sure it’ll go quickly I mean how quickly has this year gone. I swear the older I get the faster time goes by. Am I the only one? Anyway hope you’ve enjoyed this back in action post & have a great day!


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