22nd December 2018

The Emotional Biology

Embarrassment is a funny thing isn’t it? The things we do and do not get embarrassed over. One minute you are standing, or sitting, or even walking and the next your heart rate is elevated, your mouth has gone dry, you’re wanting the ground to swallow you up and your cheeks have gone flush, no matter how cool you try and play it off your body has betrayed you and let the world know you are embarrassed. So let’s go through some of the weird and wonderful of embarrassment and I’ll give you some examples of particularly peculiar ones, well for me anyway.

The sound effects of life

There is one thing that we don’t get embarrassed about and that is sneezing and more to the point how ridiculous we look sneezing. I mean there is this brief moment in time when you are completely out of control of your body and more importantly your face. Lets be honest here no one and I don’t care if you are Beyonce NO ONE looks good when they sneeze. You look so ugly and your heart actually stops ha ha ha. Which is a fact, maybe not the ugly part but your heart stopping. So you may be thinking “well of course I don’t care what I look like when I sneeze because EVERYBODY sneezes and it’s a natural bodily function”, well if that logic is in place and I totally agree with it, then why are we especially women so embarrassed by farting and pooing?

Farting and pooing are also natural bodily functions that everybody does but there is such a a stigma about talking about them, or doing them in front of people and really why? I mean as you get older you just give less of a crap what others think and you realise that these things are what they are and it’s no big deal. EVERYBODY does them. There you go the cat is out of the bag, I’m telling you it is okay to do them when your boyfriend or girlfriend is round at your house cause they do it as well. Now I’m not saying it isn’t polite to excuse yourself to the bathroom but in all honesty unless you close the door of the room you are leaving behind you they are most likely gonna hear you. What you do is completely up to you.

Eating it’s a strangers game

I have an irrational fear of eating in front of people. I have no idea where it came from or why it developed, but I hate it. I literally go out of my way to avoid eating in front of people. I can’t go round to people’s houses for dinner or anything. Not unless I know them really well and then I’m cool. It’s like I think they are gonna judge me based on what I look like when I eat, well how ridiculous is that?? Like seriously… I am even embarrassed that I will be sharing this with you all but screw it I am going for it. I mean there are obviously other people out there that also have this fear, I know I am not alone. And to all those people out there I salute you because isn’t it just horrible because you want to be normal but in the back of your mind you are eeeeing and ooooing over every little thought about eating in front of these people even though rationally you know that they probably don’t care what you look like eating.Here is the newest add on to this fear of mine. My teeth got removed because they were rotting from the amount of morphine I was on last year. I got 13 teeth pulled at once, now there was a shock to the system. Not that I terribly cared, I was too numb emotionally to give a hoot. Then my dentures broke and I haven’t been back to the dentist to get new ones yet, it’s on my to-do list for the end of this year, start of next. So when I eat I eat with my gums so it is not a pretty sight and it is very obvious that I don’t have teeth. It is absolutely embarrassing for me and I am mortified that I am not like everyone else and every time I see someone smile or laugh I think oh I can’t do that right now and it just saddens me. But all is not lost because I will be doing something about it and the long term plan is to get implants. So all is not lost I’ll get there because when you look at something through hope then hope will find a way to make it positive.

It’s a sexy little thing

Another one that we don’t get embarrassed about is sex, well let me clear that up a little when you are younger and unexperienced you do but as you get older you just get in the moment and love it. Well we may not get embarrassed about the act but we do about the subject. Why the hell is that? So actually doing it nah that’s fine but talking about it woah wait a minute that’s going too far… Makes total sense right? Hmmm… I think not. I talk freely about sex to pretty much anyone that will listen, I know I’m a girl and girls don’t do that, well I hate to break it to you but we do, we are probably the worst offenders. I have been friends with mainly men in my life and the women I have been friends with have all been kinky bitches ha ha ha maybe I just bring it out in people I don’t know. If you can think of any reason that it is okay to do the act of sex and not get embarrassed but to talk about it is stepping ahead of the game then please comment below. I am genuinely interested now.

So there are some of the weird and wonderful about embarrassment, it’s not glamorous but it can be humbling and bring you down a peg or two when you need it. Despite all that can go wrong with embarrassment and how it can make you feel, I am glad to feel it. Think of it this way, imagine the love of your life dropping to his knee in a public space in front of loads of people and your face lights up like a red Christmas light, so it’s not all bad. I’ve got my reasons to be embarrassed and I’m sure you all do too, but it is okay to feel that way but you mustn’t let it rule you. Do whatever anyway, screw what people think and keep your head up high any way. If I can do it so can you, everyone feels embarrassment, you will not meet anyone who has not felt it. So be thankful to feel it because there could be a day you don’t feel it anymore.

Love and Positive Vibes to you all.


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