29th April 2018

Stop The Stigma Start The Loving

Here is the question – in this day & age when a man can be a woman & vice versa why is there still a stigma about mental health?
Why are people with mental health problems defined as “crazy” or “attention seeking”? Oh I totally understand that when someone puts up a post up on Facebook or Twitter saying “I’m so depressed I have no friends” it can seem like attention seeking but what if that person is actually suffering from depression & one of their symptoms is feeling alone & without friendship? It could be true. Mental health affects us all differently especially when we don’t know how to handle it & do techniques to help you gain control.
The best tool I’ve found for when I’m losing control is grounding. Grounding is basically when you describe something in its entirety like what it looks like, what it feels like, the texture, how it feels in your hands. Basically describe it in your head or out loud – personally I do it out loud but that’s just me, to someone that can’t see it. How would you describe that item be it a picture frame, your pet, a cartoon, a person, a TV show… anything. Anything that you can describe in good detail. I do my dogs quite often cause I can go into their personalities. Really it’s up to you even if you’re having a panic attack & it’s the first thing you grab. Get your control back.

SERIOUSLY why is there such a stigma? Oh because criminal minds always says these people with the lesser known more extreme sounding mental illnesses are killers, rapists or extremists that means that it’s true in real life.Yes yes that makes sense now!🤣🤣 The truth is people haven’t looked into it. You think “that doesn’t affect me or my loved ones” so it doesn’t matter. But it does, how do you know that your brother, sister, child or friend isn’t going through some kind of  mental health issue & feel they can’t come to you or anyone. It’s sad but it’s true.
Don’t be closed minded to mental health be open minded, research things like depression, PTSD, BPD, bipolar…etc. Educate yourself on what people go through,try to sympathise with what you don’t understand. My partner is one of those people that has very little empathy & he can’t put himself in others positions. It is one of the most frustrating things EVER when all you want is to be told it’ll all be alright & get a cuddle. You need to actually tell him to do these things & he forgets each time it happens cause it’s not in his nature. Bless him he does try but it’s just not him. He tries to be open minded about it all & he takes me to appointments & is very there for me when I need him. He handles the physical pain much better 🤣🤣.
So yeah basically what I’m saying is STOP THE STIGMA!!! There is more to people than just their mental illness, it does not define them. It is just a part of them & if you want to be in their life then you need to learn to love them as they are & don’t judge them if they aren’t themselves just be there for them for when they want to talk or sit in silence just knowing they aren’t alone.

Thanks for reading. Until next time xoxo

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