My life as I know it

Last week was CRAZY!!! I cannot believe how much I got done, its nuts. Yes it might not be a lot to a lot of other people, but for someone who a month ago wouldn’t have done this much it is a huge improvement and only going to get better.  My goals are getting accomplished and so much is happening I can’t even begin to describe how I am feeling other than to say thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far and I am feeling amazing!! Special shout out to Lisa Cooper and Tesni Winfield who are the best besties you could ask for. I am truly blessed for the support I have received thus far. Anyway so what I am going to be writing about, well I have been walking and have news. Let me tell you it is HUGE!! I’m standing more I know that sounds like something you wouldn’t think of as a goal but for someone who spends most of their day sitting or even lying down this is a huge step in the right direction. And most importantly I have been writing this blog, I’m treating it like a job now and I have big plans for it.



Walking down the path of life



A month ago I was so down I was lower than low but I didn’t know it. I had been that way my whole life and it was the normal for me. I knew nothing else and that was what my whole life revolved around. The depression was so deeply engrained in my system and I was a product of what my mother had made me that I was just a shell of a person. I had no life essence anymore. There was no purpose in my life. I had gotten so good at putting a face on things it was crazy, I could have fooled anyone but the people who truly loved me could see my suffering and knew I was destined for better things. They were patient with me but bit by bit they opened my mind until one day I snapped and Pamela Jayne Scott AKA Negative Nancy AKA The Debbie Downer died and Pam Scott AKA Positive Pam AKA The Positive Power Up was born. I have never in my life felt this way. It is incredible. I feel like I can take on the world and win. I feel like there is nothing stopping me but me and I am ready to stop standing in my way. Why am I telling you all this again? I know I went over a slightly messier version in my earlier blog post but it is so you get a picture of where I am at right now. I am a completely different person. I do not even remember my life before well that’s a lie because I do remember things but I don’t at the same time if that makes sense…  So a month ago I could not walk more than 5 metres at a time I’m now a month down the line of being a brand new person with a brand new mindset. Now I have walked up and down our path twice daily and I’m feeling great from it. I can’t believe I can get to the end of our path and back. I can actually get to the road now. Now there’s no stopping me. Ha ha!! How amazing is that to go from walking no more than 5 metres at a time to walking to the end of the path, all in the one shot like wow **pats self on back** Well done Pam!!



Brave the call and standing tall



To everyone who works on their feet – good on you!! You are the unsung soldiers among us. Those who are shattered at the end of 12 hour shift on their feet with a 20 minutes break to eat and have a cigarette. You are my people. I used to be you. Working 12+ hour days and on my feet all day, rushing about everywhere like the energiser bunny (sorry Tes stealing your name) It was some of the hardest and best work I ever did. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But then life took over, my illnesses got worse and I ended up reduced to no life in my bed. But after my life changing event which I’m looking for a name for so if you have any ideas what I could call the anniversary of it give me a shout on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I am now working my way to strengthening my back and my whole body, losing weight and moving more. This all starts with standing. So I am doing that, I am standing more I am trying to stand when I catch up with notifications and when I drink my morning coffee or when I have a cig. I’ve gone from not being able to stand for longer than a few minutes to standing for much longer. I am not sure how long exactly as I haven’t timed myself yet. But I am going to learn all about how to properly keep track of my progress at my next meeting with the life coach. So excited to share it all with you!!



Flying high and achieving it all



I bought a goals journal so I could keep track of my goals and keep everything in one place and, also see the difference I am making over a short and long period of time. It is brilliant I highly recommend buying one you can get it from here. It is the best journal I have ever had. It lets you write in the date so it doesn’t matter what day you start in at. You can circle the day; there is a tick off task bit and an appointments/notes part. There is also an area to say what you are thankful for in that day. It is epic!!  I am totally in love with it. So this is helping me keep track of all my goals and it is also helping me to achieve them. Every morning I set out my day and what I am going to achieve within that day, then throughout the day I refer back to my journal and tick off what I have accomplished and see what still needs done. There’s a lot that needs done with this life changing epiphany but anything worth doing is worth doing right. I need to treat my blog like a job and I need to gut the house which is a big one so I am doing it bit by bit, just taking it as it comes.



There you go an up to date look at what is going on in the life of Pam. It’s not glamourous, it’s not that exciting (well it is for me but it probably isn’t for you ha ha), it is what it is. I’m an honest person and I’m not going to sugar coat what is going on. There have been BIG changes but things take time and I’m a work in progress as we all are. We never stop evolving and changing. But when we come to realise that and get to a point of peace with it, we come to see that it’s not so bad and things are okay. Just go with the flow everyone and take things as they come. The more you fight it the more things are harder to see. Open your mind and see beyond the circumstantial into the open world and beyond your wildest dream, that’s where epic things happen.


Love and positive vibes to you all.


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