12th May 2018

The importance of unconditional doggy love

Due to being disabled & spending 99% of my time indoors & my best friends living in England which means I can only video call them or chat online. I know the importance of having love around me & the unconditional love you get from your dog is an amazing thing. It can motivate you, teach you to love, give you confidence you thought you had lost & a million other things.

I would like you to get to know my family better. So I have three furbabies but they aren’t just furbabies, they are my life & my children as far as I’m concerned. That might sound crazy to some of you but it is truly how I feel. They are my world, they mean everything to me. So let’s introduce you to them.

Wee Brian 

Here’s my eldest, he’s 12 years old but does he look or act it – no way. He looks like he’s a year old & acts it. Anytime someone asks his age they always assume we mean months & not years. It’s quite funny “arguing” with people over his age.

So we got him when he was 5 years old after Brian & I being together a year & a half. As some of you may know my partners name is also Brian, no we did not name Wee Brian after him. He came to us with that name & him being called that for five years we felt it was unfair of us to change his name, hence why he is Wee Brian but I also call him Bubba which he answers to. I have pet names for all three of them.

He’ got such a great personality. He’s gentle & placid, he’s funny & lazy. Like when we are asleep he can jump on the bed no bother but if we are up he plays the age game like oh no I’m too old I can’t get my legs up & gets us to help him up. In reality we just touch him & he gets himself up. Dafty that he is 🤣🤣. He’s just a gentle giant who loves kisses & cuddles & being loved, & he’ll give you even more love in return.

He is also the most playful out of the three, which is crazy because when we got him he didn’t know how to play with toys or other dogs. His old owners always told him to go to his bed all the time, even their child knew the phrase “Brian, bed”. When we got him he panted for like three days straight, I don’t know if it was excitement or anxiety but that’s pretty much all he did. We introduced him to toys & he literally didn’t know what to do with them. He just sat & stared at them like “yeah what do you want me to do with that” haha. But over time we taught him how to play & he loves balls, give him a ball & he’s happy all day long!

Now we have Roxy he’s learned to play with others too. The two of them would play all day every day if they could. They are both as bad as each other, they both start it at different times & are just crazy.



Here’s my Boo Boo, Kenzie. He’s a giant retriever Irish setter cross. You can’t see it unless it’s in the right light but he has ginger tones in his hair, when the light hits it you can see it. He’s my gorgeous baby boy. Even when we get a new boy pup, he will still be my baby boy cause he always has been.

I got him when he was 1 & a half years old. He was Brian’s dog & his ex had him & kept complaining about him cause she locked him in the kitchen & one time he ate the ribs that her partner had left out on counter. I thought this was hilarious as the way I saw it is – don’t leave out food where you have your dog locked up. She was asking for it. Anyway she was going to open the door & let him just run out & get lost. So I said I would take him. Brian & I had only been together a couple of months & it was a dangerous game to play but I knew Brian was the one for me so I had no anxiety over it. It has to be one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. We went through hell trying to adopt him under my name, because of Brian’s ex basically just being difficult & not giving me his paperwork. It was a nightmare but we ended up readopting him through the dogs trust. Luckily they remembered him & knew me from helping out (bringing in food & blankets)  & the previous year I had been looking for a dog & came in every week or so to see what furbabies they had in.

Kenzie is a loving boy, who is a total & complete attention seeker. He’ll do anything to make sure he’s the centre of attention. He’s as crazy as the other two. He loves teddies & takes really good care of them like they are his babies. Unfortunately Roxy destroys them so he goes in a bit of a huff about that, but hey ho.


Here’s my angel, princess & shadow. My baby girl Roxy. She’s a year & 2 months right now. Isn’t she just stunning? We call her my shadow cause wherever I am, she is. She’s absolutely nuts & bold as brass. She doesn’t care who you are if she has something to say she will say it to you. She’s a vocal wee thing & isn’t scared to tell you what’s on her mind or if she wants something. Like if I’m sitting on the couch & she wants on my lap she’ll whinge till she gets her way. She’s a total Diva. She chases her tail & is just wild. She’s amazing in every way. 

We drove to Carlisle to get her from a lovely lassie called Tia (we call her granny T for Roxy) from Birmingham. I can’t thank her enough for bringing Roxy into my life. She’s made my family all the better.

If Roxy was human she would be the life of the party & a popular girl. Everyone loves her & thinks she’s amazing, which she is. She’s crazy, wild, playful, loving, gentle & gorgeous. She’s learned so much from her big brothers & we have been really lucky with regards to her. She may rip things up like paper if we are both out but that’s the worst she does & it’s because she isn’t used to us both being out at the same time. She gives you proper cuddles like her paws round your neck & she loves to be picked up. Brian picks her up all the time & she’s like a baby & just loves it. She also loves playing with the boys & is very loud while doing so. She’ll hold onto Wee Brians tag & lie down & he drags her about the floor. It’s hilarious. She’s such a funny wee thing.

So that’s my babies! Hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know them a lot better & I would love to hear about your furbabies so feel free to comment about your babies & tell me all about them.

Until next time xoxo


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