10th May 2018


Today we are doing my first step by step make up tutorial. I’d really appreciate feedback on this one so I know if it all makes sense & if you’ve found it useful.

 This can be applied to any colours so don’t think you MUST use the same colours as me.

1. Apply a good eye primer. I used the primer from my shop which you can click on to buy. Just click the three dashes at the top then click visit my shop. It’s a great primer that is skin toned colour, I use half a pea sized amount for both eyes & my eyes are HUGE. It spreads well & dries quickly so no creased bits of primer that need rebuffed out.

2. Apply a medium tone colour as your transition colour in the crease, using a blending brush & blending it out & above the crease. I chose Flippant from Palette 3 (which you can buy from my shop). Male sure it’s seeable yet blended.

3. Now using a crease brush apply a slightly darker colour into the crease, blending it slightly but not as much as the transition colour. I used Cheeky from Palette 3.

4. Now it’s time to move onto the lid. Apply a sticky base that the eye shadow can grab ahold of. I use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I draw it on where I need it then blend it out using either a brush or my ring finger (ALWAYS use your ring finger when applying/blending out anything on your eyes because it’s the most gentle finger for application).

5. Time to apply our lid colour!! Don’t brush the colour on, pat it on with a thick eyeshadow brush. This is because you’ve used a sticky base & it also minimises fall out. I used Timid from Palette 3.

6. Now in the outer V dragging it into the lash line & blending it out slightly into the crease, apply a darker colour. Remember to always blend as you go. I chose Irate from palette 3 to use for this. 

7. Now apply your second colour remember it was cheeky for me under your lower lash line blending it out & make it quite a thick line that’s blended out. Then using a precision point brush apply the darkest colour (Irate for me) on top of the blended out second colour under your lash line, but in a thinner line. Like so….

8. Now for the finishing touches. So apply a black kohl liner – I used Rimmel Soft 24/7 Kohl Pencil, on the top water line & three quarters of the bottom water line. Then on the remaining quarter use a white eye pencil, I used Precision Eye Pencil in Pristine (which you can buy from my shop). Then I used Epic Mascara which is well EPIC! I don’t have the longest lashes but this mascara really brings it all together, lengthens & volumises my lashes to their full extent. I absolutely cannot stop raving about this mascara. It’s amazing. So to apply it, blink your lashes through the spoolie to gain length & then starting at the base wiggle the spoolie to grab all your lashes & in an upward motion pull through, do this for your whole lash line. Then highlight using a light colour I used Smitten from palette 3 & my Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighter mixed together. You want to highlight under your brow, in the inner corner & under where you applied the white eyeliner. TADA you’re all done. 

Hope you all enjoyed this & I would love to hear your feedback on this one with it being my first make up picture tutorial.

Have a great day & keep on rocking 🤘🏼💙


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