Laughing at life and winning it all!!

Life is what we make of it people say, this may be so but some people take it so seriously do you not think? I say this because certain types of people mull over every decision they make and every thought they have, Are they making the right move? Are they on the right life path? Are they raising their children properly? Are they in the correct job? You can spend all day asking questions as to whether you are or aren’t doing the right thing in life. When you do this you fail to see the little things in life. The laughter from a child… The colours in a flower… Laughs with a friend… These things can be so powerful and make you feel amazing, but when you are so close to a situation you don’t see it clearly enough to know that these things will make you so happy. But they do.

Laugh at life

This is all about not taking life so seriously and having a bit of humour about you. Why should you be scared to be embarrassed? The worst thing that could happen is that you feel a human emotion? Well that’s human nature! You cannot control that. Anyone else in your position would react the same way if they had lived your life with your resources, your personality and all that is you. There is nothing wrong with that. It isn’t a bad thing. It might hurt but in time you’ll come back to reflect on it and it’ll be an epic memory that may have changed your life and be a pivotal area in your life. You don’t know till it happens. That’s the great mystery that is life. You don’t know anything, everything is a mystery and we are the Scooby gang trying to solve the mystery and pull off the mask off the creepy janitor from the amusement park.

You need to live this life with everything that you have. You only have one life so why not. You owe nothing to anyone else. You can only be your true self with yourself so does that not mean you deserve to be your best self for yourself? Of course it does. You deserve to be your best self for YOU!! You deserve all the goodness in your life. That can come from bringing positivity in your life and love and respect… all kinds of things. As long as they are good and positive attributes in your life then they cannot do any harm.

Bring on the positivity

Positivity can be found anywhere from looking outside at the nature around us to looking in your own home. It is literally everywhere. It is not hard to find It in places and keep looking for it. You just need to open your mind and change your mindset and you will see it.

Since my mindset has changed I can see positivity everywhere and I am so grateful for it. I am truly grateful every day and that is something that I wasn’t before. So now I can say I am a blessed person and mean it. Things are completely different now and I can see things for how they really are and know what is going on in my mind. I can see things from a different perspective and I know everything is going to be okay. That in itself is a powerful thing to feel. To know that everything will be okay is HUGE!!! I mean how do I know everything is going to be okay? Well I’ll be honest with you I don’t but its fine, I’m not panicked that I don’t know why I know it. I am just grateful to know that it will be okay. That is something no one can take away from me.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day whether you choose to believe the glass is half full or half empty, it is on you to believe it. Only you can take on that burden of knowing what you know, and living the way you do. We all need to take responsibility for our lives. We may be the product of someone else but it is up to us to change the direction we are heading in, the sooner we do that the better. We are ever evolving creatures that constantly change throughout our lives. We are like caterpillars just metamorphosing through life and eventually we will become that beautiful butterfly we are so eager to get to.

But in the meantime enjoy the journey. Enjoy life; there is nothing more important than enjoying yourself on this wild ride. No matter what drama is going on or what heart ache you are feeling, don’t ever forget to take a moment to breathe, let go and smile at the beauty around you, because there is so much. It is a beautiful day (even though it’s raining and windy ha ha), smell the air and fill your lungs for tomorrow may never come.

Love and positive vibes with you all…

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