15th May 2018

I aint gonna live forever, are you?

I just watched the end of Lucifer – can I just say #savelucifer – & i just want to say that way of thinking is BRILLIANT!

**Spoiler Alert**

So if you don’t watch it basically it’s that God doesn’t really care & he wants us to judge ourselves so if we truly believe something it’ll happen. If you believe you deserve to go to hell, you will & vice versa. I love this way of thinking as I know I’m a good person so despite having flaws & making mistakes in my life I’ve also saved 2 lives (those are stories for another time) & I’d like to think I’m a true friend & loyal person, so yeah if there is heaven & hell I believe I deserve to be transformed back to my 21 year old self & be reunited with my grandma & all the dogs I’ve ever had. That would be my idea of heaven, oh & Sid Vicious & Paul Wesley of course haha!

I really would like to think that, that is the way the afterlife works. It’s far better than anything else I’ve heard.

What do you think? What’ your beliefs? Comment below & educate people about your beliefs…

Until next time xoxo


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