Dream it. Do it. Work for it. Dream achieved!

We are taught from a young age to dream of things we would like whether that’s your family back together, a new toy or that career dream you have. We are all taught to dream. Some dreams we succeed at & others we fail at. But as a child you never stop dreaming, it’s as an adult that we lose our hope to dream. But we shouldn’t because there is so much to dream about & so much each of us can achieve in our lifetime, damn our situations they don’t matter they can be overcome one way or another. Take me for example I’m in a wheelchair to go outside, I can’t walk or stand for long & I’m in constant pain, I could give up & be like right there’s nothing going for me I give up & for a while I did do that. I felt depressed & negative, giving up any dreams I had. But do you know what a waste of time that was. Did it change the fact I need a wheelchair – no. Did it change how long I could stand & walk for – no. Did it change my pain levels – no. All it did was make everything worse because I felt shit within myself, mentally & physically. So after a year or so in depression I perked up & started the journey of changing my mind set. Thanks to my real true friends, my partner & my dogs I was about to turn my life around.

Dreaming helps us to stay connected to hope & sometimes hope is all we have. You can make dreams come true all across your life just take it a couple at a time & work hard to make it come true. My dreams just now are:

  • Become a well known blogger
  • Succeed at my business
  • Move to England
  • Become financially secure
  • Be debt free/increase my credit rating
  • Buy a house
  • Have a driver (I can’ drive because of my back)

…etc. so pick a couple like blogger, business woman & moving I can work at all of these just now. So then I would make steps as how to achieve it. Like moving my first step is call the local council to fill out my forms over the phone & explain my situation. So once I know about certain aspects of my life I’ll phone them & get the ball rolling. England here I come! Once each dream comes true I move onto another one so I’m constantly working on my dreams all the time. Which makes me happy.

Dreams even those ones we think are far beyond our gasp are achievable. They take us to a place where our current worries are no longer there. We all need a break from our worries & our daily stress. If that way is through dreaming then carry on with it. Dreaming helps different people in different ways – motivates you, distracts you from your worries, gives you something to aim for…etc.

You need to do what makes you happy & trust me following & breaking down your dreams into steps & you’ll be much happier.Think how it’ll feel when you achieve one of your dreams, Like when I became a professional make up artist, I was so thrilled & it felt like a huge accomplishment & that I had a trade behind my back, something I could fall back on. Not only did that happen but it was like a domino effect where when the first domino is knocked down the next is knocked down soon after. This is because it is so addictive chasing your dreams, it’s like getting tattoos or piercings or smoking or chocolate. as Brian Griffin from Family Guy says “wish it. want it. do it.” I’m not saying that you need a self help book in order to achieve your dreams, what I am saying is that you have what you need deep inside you & you can accomplish anything you want to & if you need support I am here for you. I love to uplift all different kinds of people with all different kinds of problems they may have.

Do you not think it’s crazy that so many people give up on their dreams without even trying to achieve any of them. What a waste. It’s not like I’m saying put your life on hold & spend all your money on achieving your dreams. I’m just putting it out there that you can achieve anything you want to along with doing your normal day. yes we all wish there were more hours in the day but that’s not the case so we need to make do with what we have got so even if its just 10 mins a day to start off with that you want to dedicate to your upcoming achievements then start with that & build it up over time by like 5 minutes a week. Make it fit in around your life. That’s the best thing you can do. It gives you, you time, motivates you, give you the feeling of pride in your work & that this is all working towards new challenges & achievements.

Hope this post has inspired you to want to follow your dreams & that anything is possible in this life. Until next time xoxo

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