Closed mind, open it & be kind…

I am so fed up of closed minded people & their stubbornness. I mean don’t get me wrong I can be as stubborn as the next person but this is a whole new level when it comes to  closed minded people. Recently my best friend (Lisa) had a vegan friend. Lisa asked the girl about being vegan & just to get some information about it cause shes on a diet & was thinking she could manage a vegan diet for that. So the girl gave her a bit too much info & invited her to all these vegan groups. So Lisa was just sifting through the info & that, but she didn’t have the time to become a vegan or get stuff for just her ( she has two young children & their daddy who would be vegan). so the girl she asked went off on one on Lisa & long story short she told her “I don’t talk to meat eaters” then removed her from all the vegan groups yet bombarded her with vegan pics & tagging her in vegan posts. How can you be so closed minded & immature. Yes the girl is young, but she has two young children (who shes made vegan) & to top it off shes only been vegan 5/6 months. How can you be so closed minded to “meat eaters” when you’ve only been doing something for that short a time. I mean lets be honest time is going by so quickly these days that 6 months is like a month when you look back & think of the time that’s passed so quickly. I have talked to other vegans & they have openly said that they hate vegans like that because everyone is entitled to do what they want & eat what they want. So if other vegans hate vegans like that then you know that this one person is giving a whole category a bad name which isn’t fair on anyone.

Anyway enough about her let just move onto closed mindedness in general. What is the point in it? I honestly don’t understand it at all. I have always been an open minded person, I mean yes I’m a gobby cow & I firmly believe in what I believe in but I would never judge someone based on attributes that make them, well them. That is just so horrid & nasty to be that way. If others don’t judge you then you should never judge them. Yes if someone has been say a bitch to you like that girl was to Lisa then yeah call them a bitch but don’t just say things that aren’t true or something that might be something that you have previously ignored & been their friend despite it.

People with closed minds are judgmental yes but they are also awful to get through to. For example they could be adamant about 2+2=5 & you’re trying to tell them its 4 but there is no getting through to them. Its like talking to a brick wall. There is no arguing with them because they physically cannot see it from your point of view because they can only see their way of thinking. It’s sad but true.

I had a friend who was closed minded but I didn’t know they were till we fell out & I got the full blame for everything. Saying I was pushing her to leave her partner when all I did was Support# her wish to leave him. But yeah I have such power over people that they do everything I say…. Yeah okay hahaha.

As I have gotten older I have become even more open minded person. I don’t judge anyone. I have all types of friends from drag queens to trendies to rock stars to actors. I have a broad spectrum of friends all around the world. & I have never judged them for anything they have done or anything that makes them themselves & unique. I don’t care where someone has come from as long as they are nice to me that’s all I ask.

Until next time xoxo

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