Calm App Review!!

Anyone who knows me knows that for years I have struggled with insomnia and really find it hard to stay asleep. It’s not that I struggle to get to sleep; it’s more that I have problems staying asleep more than anything else. That is where the real problem lies. So after my awakening and finding my real love for meditating, realising how amazing it really is and how wonderful it can actually be, I turned to it for my sleeping problems.  I tried headspace for a while but then have tried Calm since and this is the one I would like to talk to about in this post. Calm is honestly such a nifty little app. It costs just over £28 for the year and to be honest so far I would say that is totally worth it. At the end of the day you then have that app for any future releases that come out in the app so you are sorted in that sense. Whereas with headspace you are paying monthly which will also have its perks but I just like how Calm works out right now.



Features of the app

  • Favourite button.
  • Great voice choices and actor choices.
  • Different lengths of meditation.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Doesn’t completely drain your battery.
  • Easy to follow and understand.
  • Sounds of nature as soon as you enter the app.
  • Sleep stories.




Fave it

I love this feature. Next to each meditation time you have a wee heart, if you hit the heart you favourite that length of that particular meditation cycle. That then goes to your favourite’s folder which is easily found under meditate then my heart (it’s an actual heart not the word heart). I love this feature because you know yourself what length suits you best and how long you can meditate for and sit still for. Some of us can only do it for 5 minutes and others 35. It all depends on the person so really that is why I love Calm so much it really is tailored to the user experience. You can do anything with it whether it is literally just take a 5 minute chill out break or go into a deep trance for half an hour. No matter your situation there is something for you.



Act it out



The choice of voices is absolutely epic in this app. They really have done an amazing job choosing people to take part. In one of the sleep stories that I listened to it was Stephen Fry who was reading it, a story called Blue Gold. It was actually really good. I mean I didn’t make it to the end but from what I remember of it, it was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mathew McConaughey has also just done a sleep story that has just gone up, I have just noticed now there is a blast from early 00’s eh? Or is that just me showing that I don’t really watch anything up to date ha ha! Whatever the case he is also in there if you want to hear him giving it laldy (laldy is a Scottish word for giving it your all).



Sleep it off



Sleep mode/sleep stories are actually my favourite part of this app this is the main thing I want to go on about. This is actually amazing. Since using this, my sleep has improved tenfold. I can’t believe how rested I feel when I use this app compared to how I used to feel beforehand. Let me paint you a picture, so beforehand I would wake up and still feel lethargic, tired, and worn out and just generally meh. But now I feel rested, put together and awake. I feel like I have my mental capabilities with me and I can take on the day in a good and positive way and with a positive mindset. Total 180 compared to before.


Sleep mode is basically meditation tracks that are aimed at helping you get to sleep and they are wow!!! Like honest to god WOW!!! I never thought something so simple could have this effect on me. I have used them for over a week now and the results are staggering – to me anyway. I went from getting like 3 hours sleep a night to getting like 6 hours sleep, that’s double which is insane. Since the age of 12 I have really struggled with my sleep extremely badly. It has been a total nightmare so to find something that actually helps is a total godsend and it is teaching me to do it on my own as well so eventually I am assuming that I won’t need the app but it is always nice to have that voice talk you through it and take your mind off those thoughts that go through your head as you do it.


The sleep stories are pretty much what they sound like; they are stories to go to sleep. Remember being a kid and having your parent read you a story for bed well, it is pretty much the same principle. You have someone with an extremely calm nature read you a story that has been picked for you through your personalisation preferences and you choose the story (obviously ha ha) and walla you get a lovely story read to you as you fall asleep. I have yet to make it through a full story, nearly done it but not quite. The stories are about 20 odd minutes long which is another thing. It used to take me like over an hour to get to sleep and now, I’m asleep within 20 minutes like that is mad to me, I honestly never thought I would see the day that this would happen. It is bonkers to me.



Easy peasy, personalised squeezy



Another thing to love about this app is how easy it is to use like oh my god! Now I am absolutely useless at technology (I’m learning though), so if I can use it ANYONE can!! It is very self-explanatory and laid out in a well organised fashion that is clear cut and to the point where you can see where everything is and you can click on everything you need and get to where you want to go with ease and no problems. Another great point is it’s personalised to your needs, when you first log into it the app asks you some questions about why you are using it so it can give you the best meditations for you – #EPIC ha ha. So I put down sleep and anxiety I’m sure so it comes up with the non-judgement meditation (which is seriously amazing!!) and the sleep ones like relax deep sleep.



All’s well that ends well


In summary I absolutely love this app and I highly recommend that anyone downloads it and spends the money to subscribe for the year it is completely worth it. You will feel high on life and dopamine if you try it. Lucky for you there is a HUGE positive to this you get a WEEK FREE TRIAL if you sign up just now which is freaking awesome. So get on over to the play store or iTunes to download it and get it on your phone NOW!! It has to be done!!


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