8th July 2018

Belief in Positivity

Tomorrow a new week starts & all the things you told yourself you would do on Monday are round the corner. But do you have that positive attitude to get the thingys done? I know for a long time I didn’t. For many years I was depressed, had given up, no feelings towards anything special, couldn’t be bothered with anything & refused to see the positive things all around me like my dogs & my partner, a roof over my head, food in my tummy, material things, my good memories.

Juice Plus

One day I decided I wasn’t going to let being disabled get me down anymore & I was going to work & I was going to live as normal a life as I could. Now I couldn’t work a conventional job due to needing to be a wheelchair for being outside then if I need to stand longer than say 4 minutes. I decided to see the positivity in life, so I had been talking to this girl about a business opportunity so I took her up on it. & that is how I started with JP. Thanks to them I learned to love myself more & to see the positives in life. I also met my Tesni through them (if anyone wants more info about Juice Plus & what they have to offer about your health click on her name) & I wouldnt change that for the world. Tesni has taught me so much about being positive & also about business.


After being with JP like 6 months I started talking to my best mate Lisa. She was with younique & I wanted to kit but was dead set against not working for them. So after talking for a wee while I got the kit. She asked me to join her group chat if I wanted to… I said yes & what happened I ended up working for them as well. So I was doing both, after a couple of months I realised that Diamond Dust Cosmetics was where I belonged & was someting I believed in. I gave up the Nutrition side & that was that.


Do you think I would still be doing Diamond Dust & keeping it going if I had no belief in what I did or did not see the positive in situations. Since creating Diamond Dust I have had nothing but belief & it’s given me something to believe in. I might not be making millions but one day I will be don’t you worry. I am adamant that I am earning money to see private Dr’s to help with my back, I WILL DO THIS! I saw the negative for so long & now I can see the positive & I would not let that go for all the money in the USA. It not only helped my professional life but also my person life. I won’t go into details but I m just feeling in much better spirits these day s & the way it has affected my mental health is just uncanny.

Hope people understand what I’m getting at, I want everyone to feel as great as I do. Until next time xoxo


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