About Me

I’m Pam or more commonly “Wee Pam”.  I’m nearly 29 birthday is the 1st of June – presents are welcome haha!
I am a make up artist & hair stylist I’ve worked freelance & with photographers but unfortunately I became disabled in 2015 so I was unable to go out to do these things anymore as by 2016 I was in a wheelchair to go out.
I was so depressed but thanks to a great business & great friends I picked myself up, dusted myself off & got on with shit. Now I have my own brand called Diamond Dust which I am so proud of. It’s all about uplifting & empowering women through the beauty of make up. How to enhance our best features.
So why I decided to do this blog. I want to #1 show you my life & everything it entails not just the up & positive Pam but also the downs. I want to share it all with you & #2 I want to inspire everyone I can & help uplift & motivate people. For those that maybe feel alone in how they are thinking that it is completely fine to feel that way & they’re not alone. So I’m hoping to achieve that!
So Pam is coming atcha! Let’s paint the town Pam!