31st December 2018

2019 Goals Not Resolutions

The new year is here and everyone is getting their new years resolutions ready. That’s great and everything but how many people actually keep them? So instead of making resolutions as such I’m making year long goals. Goals that are to take place for the entirety of the year. That way even if I do not succeed in them at the start of the year I still have 11 more months to get at them and achieve them. It is all about minimum standards as my life coach says, so for example if you are wanting to lose weight and your goal is to lose 3 pound a week minimum then that is your minimum standard and you should celebrate every time you drop those 3 pounds and also celebrate anything over that. Here we go…


#1 Learn to love myself and gain confidence

I am the most confident I have been in years, which says how lacking I confidence I was previously because I have a long way to go with my confidence. Right now my go to emotion when it comes to anything is fear and even though I go through with the action anyway it is not the point. I would like to get to a place where I can be confident enough within myself that fear no longer rules my life. Fear is but a choice and I choose to ignore it and go ahead with my life despite it. I’m a new Pam and there are new rules, which means no more hiding away and no more complacency. I am me now and I am proud of how far I have come so far. I want that to continue.


I have always been super hard on myself and quite literally bullied myself within my own mind. This is something else I want to change. I want to change my mentality and have already started through positive thinking, gratitude and telling myself things I like about myself instead of immediately going to a negative mindset. I am me and my life experiences have shaped the person I am today. I need to learn to love that person because I have fought so hard to become her and even though I thought I would never get there at times, I have managed it. Through everything that I have been through I have come out the other end and become a better person from it. As they say if you cannot love yourself, how can you expect other people to love you? If you are a good person which I now am, you deserve to love yourself and be proud of who you are because you have been through everything with yourself and even though you have probably done your own head in it doesn’t matter the point it that you are YOU and you should love you for it.



#2 Blog more often and more seriously

Ever since school I have loved to write, English was one of my favourite subjects. I got top marks in my exams thanks to my English teacher Mrs Liddell and I am forever grateful to her for supporting me the way that she did because without her I probably wouldn’t be doing this now. I remember writing  story loosely based on my childhood in her class and she was blown away by it, of course she knew about my experiences as did all the teacher from when I started school because I went into school with certain needs, but she was so supportive and have me all the encouragement to move forward with my writing. This was the moment I realised that I had a passion for it.


Writing genuinely makes me happy, it isn’t until I am actually doing that I know how happy it makes me to get my thoughts out and see them come to life on the screen. It is such a thrilling feeling. Even if no one was to read them I would still do it because I love it. It is more than a hobby to me it is a passion and that is something that no one can take away from.



#3 Build up Diamond Dust

I have spent the last year and a half building up my Facebook and Diamond Dust. For those of you who do not know what Diamond Dust is, it is my make up and skin care brand. If anyone would like to check it out click on the shop now button. I have taken a break from it over the Christmas period to regroup and figure out if it is something that I really want and I have decided that it is. With the help of my friend I am planning and huuuuge comeback and BIG things are going to be happening in 2019. I have plans to sell in shopping centres, do home parties, reviews on my blog (I’ll be adding a beauty aspect to this blog), build new relationships across all my social media platforms and let people get to know the new me.



#4 Strengthen my back

I have already wrote a blog about strengthening my back so I won’t go into too much detail here – if you want to read it go to “My Life As I Know It”. I am moving more around the house,.taking the dogs out, doing stretching exercises. It might not seem like a lot to the rest of you but compared to what I was doing it is a lot more.


#5 Lose more weight

I have lost a fair amount of weight recently, but I have a lot more to lose before I am at a weight that I am comfortable with and feel confident with. To go from a size 6 to a size 24 is a MASSIVE change and that is what happened to me, my body is not the same body that I once knew and I need to learn to love it again once I have gotten rid of all the excess weight and am happy with where I am. In the last two months I have gone from a size 24 to a size 18 which I am really happy with and that all comes down to portion control and not eating to excess. My appetite is very small now and I am pretty sure now that I am no longer stressed my metabolism has sped up again.


The people in my life see me on a daily basis so it is hard for them to notice if I have lost weight or not, but I saw my grandparents over Christmas and they cannot believe how much weight I have lost. They think it is incredible. They are so happy for me and proud of me. I mean I am proud of me because I wasn’t actively seeking to lose weight I just was no longer eating because I was bored and I am actually doing things now. BIG DIFFERENCE!!



#6 Invest in myself

This one is pretty self explanatory but let me give you an example of what I mean. For Christmas I decided to get myself something because come on I deserve it, so I upgraded my phone to the Huawei mate 20 pro mainly for the camera I’ll be honest but everyone who has one you know you did It for the same reason ha ha!! It is so I can take pictures for this blog that are original and also for my business of the products and me wearing he products and other products that I have. There is the example of investing in myself. My plans are to buy a ring light with stand for the phone to take pictures, buy fabric for backgrounds with railing for hanging it, get a tablet or laptop for blogging as right now I am using Brian’s computer and I am sure he would like it back at some point ha ha!!


There you have it my year long goals. It will probably take me all year to accomplish them but anything worth doing is never easy and 2019 is gonna be hard but so good. I hope you all have an amazing new year whatever you are doing and be safe wherever you are.


What are your goals?


Love and Positive Vibes to you all


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